Dec. 02, 2023

Yellow River Decade Project

The social and environmental implications of pollution, scarcity and river disruption due to hydroelectric projects are demanding increased attention. This is especially true given China's 'great leap forward' in dam building.

Using the same model as our successful River Decade Project, last year we also began the “Yellow River Decade Project”.

The Yellow River is known in Chinese as the ‘mother river’ and is the second largest river in the country. It can be said to reflect nearly all the current environmental problems in China including: an inability for ecosystems to adapt to environmental change, poor planning of water resources development and an inability to provide for the local residents as it once did.

We hope that through these trips we can inform the public about policy decisions, promote the right to participate in policy-making and encourage information disclosure.
For a summary of the Yellow River Decade project 2010 see here

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