Dec. 02, 2023

Beijing River Watch

China’s water crisis - exemplified by scarcity and pollution - has been the subject of national and international concern for years, and Beijing can be seen as a microcosm of the larger national problem. As Zhang Junfeng stated in a recent interview, “Beijing’s story is the story of China. Beijing’s ecology can only support several million people, but the city is almost 20 million. China has the same problem.”

Despite the severity of the situation, many of Beijing’s residents feel disconnected from these problems. So in order to provide Beijing residents with a chance to get outside of the city and see Beijing’s river system, Green Earth Volunteers has organized a weekly River Watch tour (乐水行) every Saturday for the past five years. Every week we go to a different spot, often with an expert to lead the way.

Everyone is welcome, please see our homepage under ‘activities’ for more details.

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