Sept. 26, 2023

For Giant Pandas The Existence Partners of Human Beings

By  Wang Yongli

         We don’t believe that Giant Pandas turn to extinct.
         But our creatures become so rear and dependent.
         Black and white skin with gentle but naive temper,
         I am the one idling away my time in the zoo chamber.
         But my sisters in the wilds are suffering from hunger indeed.
         Our favorite bamboos become decreased at a quick speed.
         More and more human activities destroy the vegetation.
         The fate of us seems at ultimate doom without expectation.
         Please return us a gorgeously green mountain,
         Please return us a lovely transparent fountain.
         I don’t want to seek asylum in the zoo,
         We want to a warm and moist slop with bamboo.

Do you feel lonely if we disappear forever?
We want to be your friendly partners together.
         Let the mountain resume its peaceful tranquility.
         Let’s enjoy the happiness in perfect harmony.

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