Mar. 23, 2023

For Sea-turtles ——The Existence Partners Of Human Beings

By  Wang Yongli

            I don’t know how to fall in love,
            Till my love accidentally comes,
            Just as a lighting suddenly hits me,
            My heart becomes burning with glee,
            My world immediately turns to be bright,
            How lovely the sunshine and the starry night.

            Spring, the sweet lovely season, sing, sing,
            Waves will not rage, but delight sparkling,
            Fishes breed, and water plants become lush,
            Corals grow, kissing the ripples with a splash,
            The tides turn to be punctual,
            Greeting to the Sun and the Moon on schedule.

            All flowers tossing their heads in sprightly dance,
            Their scents are spreading to a remote distance.
            The Milky Way also can’t help twinkling,
            My heart with pleasure filling,
            All is not lost, the happy field,
            The joy over dwells, on the world.

            But my species become rare and rare,
            Our destinies seem no one take care,
            My nickname might be called as a moving grave,
            Because I should fall in the fate’s vacant cave,
            Oh, my love, we need earth-born companions,
            We believe all friends with passions.

            Yes, all living things are the earth treasure,
            We are existence partners with pleasure,
            Please save the earth, my friends, my love,
            Human actions can change something, please prove,
            Make hast, all friends, while it is prime,
            True love can last against the passing time.

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