Mar. 23, 2023

For Sharks The Existence Partners of Human Beings

By  Wang Yongli

         My heart’s in the sea, I am the chaser,
         In the vast blue sea, I am the good attacker.
         I like the law of the sea, survival of the fittest,
         My heart’s in the sea, I’m proud to be bravest.
         Emerging victorious in every battle, I, indomitable,
         I love fights, and I love blood as much as possible.
         Wherever I wander, wherever I go,
         Swimming in the expanse of ocean to and fro.

         But I become the men’s victim, un-expectable,
         Cutting my fins as food, served on their table.
         Brazening in the extreme, threw me back to the sea.
         My hurt body blooding, all my preys begin to eat me.

         You are unfair, your spirits have a total flow,
         Even I’m dying, I know you are so low.
         Justice has a long arm, Perseverance will prevail,
         My partners, evil will be rewarded with evil.

         My heart’s in the sea, wherever I go,
         Swimming in the expense of ocean to and fro…

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