Mar. 23, 2023

For South China TigersThe Existence Partners of Human Beings

By Wang Yongli

             A tiger, bellowing in the forest of the night,
            Trying to find her partners, burning bright.
            No answer, only her own echo instead,
Anxiousness, despair overwhelmingly spread.

She never imagines that her sun does never shine,
Lonely facing the scattered trees and a lonesome pine
            Pity for her shadow, but she has no time to sorrow
            Human activities should make her fields shrink tomorrow
She is unwilling to the zoo in an iron chain,
            The weeping orphan tiger weeping in vain.
            She has to wait for her end,
            Rescuing is never too late to mend.

            She makes her manifesto in a sad tune alone,
Please engrave the epitaph on my tombstone.
Farewell, farewell, farewell
            I am no fault, but love all of you…

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