Mar. 23, 2023

For Swallows The Existence Partners of Human Beings

By  Wang Yongli

         Sing, sing, sing, won’t be shy,
         Fly, fly, fly, with merry cheer,
         My heart’s in the blue sky,
         Content to breathe the fresh air.
         My world is pure and bright,
         Rose-buds bloom with dew,
         My sun is glorious with the splendid light,
         Warm wind blows, gentle and so.
         Gurgling, the spring with water clear,
         Sweet fruits send forth a delicate fragrance,
         Delight waves of green forest with joy to hear,
         How harmonious, and the earth with peace. 

         But human beings are fond of eating my nest
How long can the harmony last on the prime,
         Human activities destroy everything so fast,
         Can my natural life-span race to the time?

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