Mar. 23, 2023

Frogs - The Existence Partners of Human Beings

By  Wang Yongli

         A myriad of stars make the black sky bejeweled,
         The air was heavy with the aroma of the paddy field,
         Suddenly frogs burst into singing so wonderful.
         They are busy in prophesying the big harvest in the fall.
         Please sleep soundly and dream sweetly as usual.
         We are the loyal guardians of your wealth as well.
         But our population is decreased sharply,
         The agricultural chemicals made us deadly.
         But we still insist on our duty to protect your corns,
         Keeping your crops from locusts and all insects.
         We still sing the wonderful song in the dim.
         Bringing the good omen into your dream.

         We love the land so much that we won’t go away,
         But our sounds are becoming lower and fade away.
         This is my last singing and last calling,
         I love you so much my home and my darling.

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