Mar. 23, 2023

For The Wild Goose-The Existence Partners of Human Beings

                By  Wang Yongli

         Fly, fly, fly, soaring across the sky,
         No power can stop my migrant until I die.
         So sensitive with the changed season,
         Travel regularly from the region to another region.
         Earth under my wings in a scenery beauty,
         The sight of lands and oceans is in majesty.
         All bright and glittering in the fresh air,
         Splendid cities, fields, show marvelous fair.
         I like the green valley, the rock and high hill,
         I love the tranquil lake, the river, on sweet will.
         But in some places all things become bad,
         Pollution made my parents dead.

         Nets, bullets hit my sisters down,
         Wasted oil pond made my brothers drown.
         Help, help, help, my dear co-existence partner,
         Stop pollution, stop killing, please action together…

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