Mar. 23, 2023

For Mantises The Existence Partners of Human Beings

        By Wang Yongli


         Slim like a green leaf,

         You hide in the brushwood sheaf,

         Move-less and keep in still,

         Suddenly attack and catch insects to kill.


         With two sickle-like front feet,

         Tear up a group of locusts in the beet,

         Change colors with the sunlight,

         Guard the garden day and night.


         You bear the wind and rain,

         You endure the hot and pain,

         You spend whole life to protect plant,

         Trees, vegetables and crops become luxuriant.


         So great love between you and your bride,

         You sing love songs to her with pride,

         For love you scarify what you have,

         For love you contribute what you save.


         Your songs make the nature more charming,

         Your dances make the garden more attracting.

The joyous of life at the prime,

         You add glory into the brilliant time…


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