Feb. 21, 2024

For Blue Dragonflies The Existence Partners of Human Beings

       By Wang Yongli


         The golden sun emits splendid beams,

         Many blue dragonflies are flying in teams,

         Backward and forward, they are patrolling,

         Downward and upward, they are pursuing.


         Graceful, slim, lithe and elegant,

         With two long wings thin and transparent,

         Peal-like eyes gloriously shine,

         A long tail arrays in streamline.


         Their blue figures like emerald,

         They play the role of rain herald,

         Skimming the surface of the water,

         Chasing the insets as if the air- fighter.


         Annihilate mosquitoes mercilessly,

         Destroy mayflies and protect crops diligently,

         Their lovely dances delight adult and children,

         Their sweet manners make us impressive on the season.


         But agricultural chemicals make them nearly vanish,

         The nature cannot stand the great anguish,

         If their figures thoroughly extinct tomorrow,

         My heart and the world full of imminent sorrow…


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