Mar. 23, 2023

For The Earthworm The Existence Partners of Human Beings

                By  Wang Yongli


         Digging, digging, digging the earth,

         To promote the germ of seed birth,

         You help the seedling breath through the soil,

         You develop it upheaves by toil and moil.


         How lovely the tender blades stand up,

         How lovely the flowers blooms like a cup,

         You fertilize the crops, and hasten them to grow,

         You take care of the green corn row by row.


         Without language, you loosen the soil quietly

         Your heart is full of passion energetically,

         With the hope that the ear is fully grown,

         With the mind that the ripened field is brown.


         You work for the corn mature in silent way,

         You contribute yourself for the land day after day,

         Till the broad land is full of the harvest song,

         Till you have to sleep for a winter long...

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