Feb. 21, 2024

July 07 River Watch: China Urban Wetland Park

On July 07’s River Watch, we visited China Urban Wetland Park, which is a very beautiful and unique wetland part in Beijing. Just a few people know about it as is not open to the public. Its main work now is for scientific research; meanwhile it's time for the plants and animals to resume after reconstruction by the government. Here are some pictures we had there. Hope everyone can visit it someday in a near future. 

The wetland park is located at Shangzhuang town, north in Haidian District. By now the government has invested 1.2 billion yuan to build and rebuild it. The construction began in July 2003. The gross area in the first phase is 53hectare with 20 hectare of water face. The total area will be 156.7 hectare when finished.

A beautiful reserach center

We learned lots of knowledge from the young workers and researches there, and we saw the government had paid a lot to resume the eco-environment in the city. This wetland will expend triple times in the future.

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