Sept. 19, 2018

English Stories from the Chinese Press February 23rd – March 1st

 English Stories from the Chinese Press February 23rd – March 1st  

China government moves on GM crops spur industry's cautious optimism. Over the past two months, China has made several moves that have aroused expectations that efforts to industrialize genetically modified crops will resume. Beijing Caixin, China. 27 February 2015.

Biofuel enters growth period. Automobile exhaust has become a major source of air pollution in Chinese cities, and ethanol gasoline can effectively lessen the smog and reduce carbon emissions according to energy experts. China Economic Net, China. 23 February 2015.

Hong Kong to set higher target for reducing energy consumption. Hong Kong is to be set an even tougher target to cut energy use over the next decade - beyond the existing plan for a 25 per cent reduction. South China Morning Post, China. 23 February 2015.

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