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English Stories from the Chinese Press March 9th – 15th

 English Stories from the Chinese Press March 9th – 15th

Air Pollution

Top refinery chief blames coal - not oil - for China’s air pollution problems. The chief of China’s top oil refining company says low-quality coal, rather than oil, is to blame for the country’s air pollution problems, mainland media says. South China Morning Post, China. 12 March 2015.


Food, Water, and Soil

China Focus: China progresses on environmental protection in plateau regionFor years, herdsman Gonpogya has watched helplessly as desert sands have slowly crept toward his grazing pastures. To stop the spreading sands, a government conservation program has spent the last 10 years covering 4,000 hectares of transformed desert land with buckthorn, spruce and scots pines.  Xinhua News Agency, China. 12 March 2015.


Technology and Resources

Chinese province imports saline tolerant plant to improve environmentNorth China's Hebei Province has imported a saline tolerant plant in a move to better use its large areas of alkaline land.  Xinhua News Agency, China. 15 March 2015.


Law and Regulation

China's anti-pollution efforts "in right direction", strong enforcement needed. A number of major anti- pollution measures unveiled by China during the past year are positive steps but Beijing still needs strong enforcement and better transparency, a US expert on climate and energy said. Xinhua News Agency, China. 12 March 2015.

China Focus: Timetable revealed for environment tax- Chinese authorities have a timetable for implementing a system of taxing polluters.  The long-awaited tax, which will replace the current administrative penalties that are widely seen as ineffective, will be ushered in after the law behind it is finalized.  Xinhua News Agency, China. 12 March 2015.

Prosecutors to take more environment litigation for public interest.  The Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) will engage prosecutors more in environment litigation for public interest, its chief Cao Jianming said here Thursday. Xinhua News Agency, China. 12 March 2015.

Xi Jinping promises 'iron fist' for polluters. Chinese president Xi Jinping said that he will crack down on polluters in the smog-choked country. Xinhua News Agency, China. 9 March 2015.



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