Feb. 23, 2019

English Stories from the Chinese Press June 1st – 7th

 English Stories from the Chinese Press June 1st – 7th


Air Pollution

China environment communique exposes poor air, groundwater quality BEIJING, June 4 (Xinhua) China's Ministry of Environmental Protection on Thursday released its 2014 Environment Condition Communique, revealing serious air and groundwater pollution.


Food, Water, and Land

Workers clear weeds from rivers SANITATION workers are trying to clear duckweed from waterways in Songjiang District to stop it entering the Huangpu River, Shanghai Xinmin Evening News reported yesterday.


Law and Regulation

China Headlines: China awakens to protecting the environment QIAN'AN, Hebei/YA'AN, Sichuan, June 4 (Xinhua) With China's iron business in trouble and facing losses, Malanzhuang Iron Mine is spending 2.4 million yuan (390,000 U.S. Dollars) planting on slag heaps.


China rules that all polluters held accountable regardless of fault BEIJING, June 1 (Xinhua) China's top court on Monday ruled that all polluters will be liable for any damage they have on the environment even if they do not breach regulations.

Firms in Tianjin to pay 10 times more for pollution Tianjin, a city in north China, has raised the fee it charges industrial enterprises who pollute the atmosphere.


International Affairs

Interview: Support small farmers, tackle climate change: FAO expert ROME, June 7 (Xinhua) Enhancing small farmers' capability to tackle the impacts of climate change is essential to world food security, according to an agriculture expert.

UN chief calls for better protection of Earth June 5 (Xinhua) UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon on Friday made a special appeal, calling for better protection of the Earth on the World Environment Day which fell on June 5.


Indonesia takes measures to stop illegal mining, logging BOGOR, Indonesia, June 5 (Xinhua) The Indonesian government has taken measures to protect environment and preserve resources by declaring efforts to stop illegal mining, logging and fishing.


Technology and Resources

Natural gas for winter heating encouraged CHINA will promote the use of natural gas in winter heating by increasing supply and upgrading household devices as part of the country’s efforts to battle worsening air quality and global climate change.


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