May 21, 2019

English Stories from the Chinese Press April 2nd - 6th


Eco disaster averted at Yangshan

Local maritime authorities said they had managed to control a leak from a cargo ship and averted a potential environmental disaster in the city.

Mekong Dam Could Choke China’s Last Rainforest

Trees have been felled and vegetation cleared upstream along the Xiaohei River in Yunnan’s Xishuangbanna prefecture to make way for a dam, leaving what looks like an open wound in the once pristine rainforest.


China Lands on Walmart’s Latest Green Map

U.S. retailer Walmart Inc. is urging its suppliers in China to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 million metric tons by 2030. Walmart’s emissions reduction program for China accounts for 5% of the company’s plan to reduce emissions in its global value chain by 1 billion metric tons by 2030.

Sandstorm, Smog Strangle Beijing

Beijing’s first sandstorm of the year arrived during an ongoing bout of smog Wednesday, creating hazardous air conditions in the capital and surrounding regions.


BMW to accelerate new-energy development in China

German car-maker BMW expects to further accelerate the development of new-energy vehicles in the next phase of its China expansion strategy, the company said during an event held in Shanghai today.


Green, high-tech, efficiency highlighted in building Xiongan

In less than four months, the main structures of the Xiongan Public Services Center were completed in Xiongan New Area, a new economic zone about 100 kilometers southwest of Beijing. China aims to build the area as a low-carbon, intelligent, and globally influential city where people and nature exist in harmony.

Chinese polluters start to pay environmental tax

Under the Environmental Protection Tax Law in effect since January 1, companies and public institutions that discharge listed pollutants directly into the environment are subject to taxes for producing noise, air, and water pollution, as well as solid waste.

Xi stresses people-centered approach in land greening programs

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday underscored the importance of people-centered development while carrying out extensive land greening programs. Leading officials at various levels should lead other officials and the public to plant trees voluntarily and treat the ecological environment as important as their lives, Xi said.

Second-hand books find new life online

For Shang, the popularity of Yushu is partly due to increased environmental awareness on the part of donors, and their belief that the books can help people.

China begins 2nd national census of pollution sources

China will start a second national census of pollution sources this year, around 10 years after the first one. Major pollution sources will be archived and put into database, as part of the evidence for policy makers to monitor and improve environment, as well as prevent risks.




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