Apr. 22, 2019

English Stories from the Chinese Press April 29th - May 5th


Access to water connections made easier

New regulations issued by Shanghai Water Authority have simplified procedures for applying for water supply and drainage. Only 11 industries including construction firms, restaurants, hospitals, heavy industries and livestock farms still have to apply for water permission as their waste water are a threat to the water treatment plants.

Golden Waterway

As China's largest fine phosphoric chemical maker, the Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group is also the largest company relocated to the Three Gorges Reservoir region. Under a local government campaign against pollution in Yichang City, Xingfa closed, relocated or upgraded to clean industries a total of 134 chemical plants along the Yangtze River.


China's environment watchdog talks with local officials on air pollution

China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment held talks on Thursday with leading government officials in three cities in north China that failed to meet air improvement targets. Liu Changgen, deputy director of the national environmental inspection office, said that shortcomings still exist despite tough air-cleaning measures taken by local authorities in winter.


Views on Global Governance

Through the Belt and Road Initiative, China has unleashed vast investments to strengthen connectivity, inter-linkages and coordination with other economies, increasing joint access to critical services such as transportation and renewable energy.


Chinese, American college students discuss eco-civilization in California

China faces many environmental concerns such as river and air pollution, and the United States is also dealing with environmental challenges such as dangerous wild fires, blizzards, and hurricanes. It has become an important issue to the younger generations, and youth around the world are increasingly active in environmental protection efforts.

A Smart City

By 2035, Xiongan will develop into a fundamentally modern city that is green, intelligent and livable, with relatively strong competitiveness and harmonious interaction between humans and the environment.

Messages From Boao

There is a shared agenda in what Xi said that lies at the heart of the idea China is offering of a shared vision for Asia and humanity. This is partly based on the simple reality that environmental issues do not respect geographical boundaries. They impact everyone and demand solutions from everyone.


New standard requires online food delivery operators to use paper packaging

The city's quality watchdog released a new standard for the packaging of take-away and online delivery food today, covering hygiene safety conditions, physical and use properties, storage and transportation. The standard, the first of its kind in China, requires the use of eco-friendly paper bowls instead of plastic boxes, and paper or degradable bags to replace traditional plastic bags.

Back on Track

Representatives from both sides proposed key areas for China-Japan economic cooperation, including energy conservation and environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation, high-end manufacturing, finance, the sharing economy, and health and social care.

AIIB: Promoting Regional Integration

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a multilateral development bank, has helped many Asian countries improve their infrastructure, deepen regional integration and accelerate poverty reduction. AIIB promotes green infrastructure, helping countries to meet their environmental and development goals.

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