Apr. 22, 2019

English Stories from the Chinese Press May 17th - June 3rd


Beijing's air quality improves in first four months of 2018

Beijing saw better air quality and more "good air" days in the first four months of this year, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau announced on Monday. Average density of PM2.5 in Beijing stayed at 59 micrograms per cubic meter of air in the four months, down 22.4 percent year on year, the bureau said.

Pollution-plagued Chinese province punishes officials for dirty air

Hebei, a pollution-plagued province in north China, has punished officials after a city under its jurisdiction failed to meet its annual air pollution control target. Five county-level officials in Handan City were removed from their posts after the air quality worsened in the city in 2017, according to a statement issued by the provincial government Friday.


Alibaba launches green logistics initiative to drive sustainable development

Alibaba said it has launched the "Green Logistics 2020" initiative which includes the improvement of material recycling, packaging, route planning and delivery methods by leveraging its technological capabilities.


Why I think China will succeed where the West fails in battle to protect Mother Nature

China has what many countries in the world lack: a decisive, fast-acting government that can jump into action and achieve what needs to be achieved faster than others. Xi Jinping laid out a set of principles that China needs to follow in order to achieve what he calls “ecological civilization.” They include ensuring harmony between humans and nature, viewing “lucid waters” and beautiful mountains as invaluable assets, and working with other nations for worldwide solutions for protecting our planet.

Dead steel plant to get new life as culture hub

The city’s 80-year-old iron-steel center in the north will be preserved and developed into a scenic historical conservation zone and innovative art parks.

Recycling hut gives new life to garbage

Chinese President Xi Jinping said the country will fight a good battle against pollution and push ecological civilization to a new level during a tone-setting meeting on environmental protection ending Saturday.


Shanghai Talks Trash

Shanghai plans to have a comprehensive domestic waste-sorting system in place by 2020, and already requires thousands of households to sort their waste into distinct bins for recyclable materials, hazardous waste, “wet” or organic waste, and “dry” waste. Shanghai Forum gathers world's wisdom on global challenges.

Recycling hut gives new life to garbage

The average daily recycling capacity of Sheshan Town’s first residential recycling hut reached more than 1,900 kilograms. Paper and cardboard, plastics, wooden items and electrical appliances all had value — paper is sent to make pulp at paper mills, plastic is crushed to make color-matched batches and waste wood products are turned into bio-fuel.

Xinjiang issues preferential policies for green mining companies

Companies that are labeled by authorities as "green" mining enterprises will enjoy preferential policies on mining rights, land use, as well as tax break and financial support over the next three years, according to a guideline issued by the regional government.

18 arrested for dumping hazardous waste in Hebei

Eighteen suspects have been arrested for dumping 1,000 tons of hazardous waste in north China's Hebei Province. Police in Xingtai City said they received a report of unknown waste dumping in Liucun Township in December and found more than 200 oil drums of black grease with a pungent odor covering the land.


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