Mar. 23, 2023

English Stories from the Chinese Press July 31st - August 7th


Inspections find urban water pollution issues

The 70 cities reported a combined 1,127 black and odorous water bodies, 993 of which were said to have been treated. Inspections found pollution issues in 919 of those reported were resolved.

Across China: Yunnan makes headway in Dianchi Lake pollution control

Kunming has built nearly 100 kilometers of pollution interception pipes along the bank of the lake to prevent waste water from entering the basin. As much as 566 million cubic meters of water are diverted into the lake every year since 2013 to restore its self-purifying capabilities. Several waste water treatment plants have been built in 20 towns and 885 villages in the vicinity.


North China city criticized for environmental offenses

China's top environmental watchdog on Monday held talks with leading government officials from the city of Linfen in coal-rich Shanxi Province for lax environmental protection measures and worsening air quality. Sixteen people involved in fabricating data were convicted and sentenced to varying jail terms in May 2018.

Top legislature to convene extraordinary session on air pollution control

China has identified preventing and controlling pollution as one of three "tough battles" in the process of building the moderately prosperous society, along with forestalling and defusing major risks, and carrying out targeted poverty alleviation.

China's air pollution control brings health benefits: research

In 2017, there were 47,000 fewer deaths and 710,000 fewer years of life lost attributable to air pollution in the 74 cities than those in 2013, a substantial improvement for public health.

Mongolia begins installing filters on public buses to reduce air pollution

Mongolia has begun installing a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter on public buses, in an effort to reduce air pollution in its capital, officials said on Wednesday.




Environment protection measures taken in Yulin City to curb desert expansion

Environment protection measures have curbed the expansion of the desert and then witnessed the retreat of the desert as a result of the increase in planted forests and grasslands after reducing and stopping farming and animal husbandry.

Rise in number of otters indicates environmental progress in Yangtze headwater

The number of Eurasian otters in the Sanjiangyuan area of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is growing, reflecting ecological improvement in the source of China's major rivers, according to scientists.

China Focus: Environmental protection becomes new Chinese family value

The importance of environmental protection has been realized by more families in Changshui. In order to set a code of conduct for future generations, Yu's family bans cutting down trees and the Zhang family added "loving nature and protecting the environment" to their family values.

Cambodia, China sign MoUs on environmental protection, biodiversity conservation

Cambodia and China have signed three Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) on environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. The MoU included the establishment of the Cambodia-China Environmental Cooperation Center Preparatory Office, the donation of wastewater treatment equipment, and the pilot cooperation on biodiversity and ecosystem conservation.

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