Mar. 23, 2023

English Stories from the Chinese Press August 8th - 14th


China to Enhance Water Resource Protection Along Tarim River

Co-founded by the CAS Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, and Xinjiang Tarim River Basin Management Bureau, the center aims to provide solutions for water ecology protection, water resource optimization and over exploitation of underground water.


GM taps the 'dazzling speed' of opportunities, innovation

GM and their joint ventures have a strong team of about 58,000 employees across China. Their ventures operate 27 manufacturing facilities across China, including SAIC-GM’s new Shanghai battery assembly plant, which will support their growing lineup of new energy vehicles built in China for China.

Dezhou chefs go solar in emission mission

Dezhou, a city of 5 million in eastern China’s Shandong Province, has spent millions since 2005 on transforming itself into an aspiring renewable energy hub called the “Solar Valley.” Public art displays at town bus stops and murals use solar panels. China is the world’s biggest consumer and producer of solar technology. Many homes outside the largest cities are equipped with solar water heaters.


China to keep closer eye on endangered dolphins under epic bridge

As the world's longest sea bridge is ready to open in China, the attention is not only fixated on the project's traffic convenience and economic benefits, but also on the life of the Chinese white dolphin, an endangered species. The Chinese government has prioritized protection of the dolphin following the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge that started in 2009.

China's First Railway Through Desert Marks 60th Anniversary

Though the sand has been curbed, the threat is not gone. China has 2.61 million square km of desert, about 27.2 percent of the landmass. According to a regulation to advance ecological progress in 2015, half of China's sandy land will need to undergo treatment by 2020.

Event calling for attention to marine ecology protection held in Qinhuangdao

Volunteers cleaned up marine trash during an event calling for attention to marine ecology protection at the Golden Dream Bay in Qinhuangdao, north China's Hebei Province, July 27, 2018.


Fosun and Shanghai Jiao Tong University join hands in new scientific research

They will focus on bio-medicine, big data, cloud computing, intelligent manufacturing, environmental technology, new materials, new energy, and more. The foundation will help more university researchers who are interested in startups to industrialize and commercialize their research findings and make contributions to the city’s efforts in building itself into a global center for scientific and technological innovation.

A Difficult Goodbye

From 2008 to 2016, the use of plastic bags in stores and supermarkets was slashed by more than two thirds, saving an accumulated total of about 1.4 million tons of plastic bags, equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 30 million tons. Observations at supermarkets show many consumers now bring their own reusable bags for shopping. Those who choose to pay for plastic bags also use bags sparingly. But a majority of retail facilities still provide free and substandard plastic bags.


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