Mar. 23, 2023

English Stories from the Chinese Press August 15th - 23rd


Beijing PM2.5 density drops

Car emission is currently the main source of the PM2.5 in Beijing. As of the end of July, the city removed 31,000 diesel trucks from its roads this year. A total of 548 manufacturing companies have been eliminated from the city by the end of July.


Major China city to be coal-free to battle pollution

The northwestern Chinese city of Xi'an has set a target to be coal-free by 2020 in a bid to tackle air pollution. The plan orders to improve the energy mix by using more natural gas and relocating or closing energy-guzzling heavy industries. Local authorities plan to eliminate all coal-fired boilers by October and ban household coal use by the end of 2019. The coal-fired power plants and winter heating systems will also be switched to natural gas.

China supports natural gas, ethanol to promote clean energy

An executive meeting of the State Council decided to establish and expand a diversified natural gas supply system that better coordinates energy sources from home and abroad, including improved storage and transfer infrastructure. China also vowed stable natural supplies in heating seasons, in particular, to meet the demand from urban residents and pollution-haunted areas that count on the clean energy to replace dirty coal.


National political advisors discuss pollution control

Political advisors highlighted several important issues regarding pollution control, including legislation on natural reserves and comprehensive conservation of mountains, water resources, forests, farmland and grassland.

First book on community gardening released in Shanghai

Two forerunners of community gardening in Shanghai released a book on their best practices from the cause on Thursday. The book imparts knowledge of planning, design, maintenance and community building in community gardening, citing local examples.


Researchers converting black dust into rich soil

Liu Kefeng’s research team developed a new type of nutritional soil with coal ash as the main material, supplemented by mushrooms, straw, livestock manure and sawdust. In certain temperatures, humidity and air conditions, the ash ferments and gradually acquires organic substances.

China begins 3-year action plan to improve environmental monitoring

Polluters in key regions such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area and Yangtze River Delta as well as sectors including papermaking will be scrutinized. Despite progress in China's ecological and environmental monitoring in recent years, salient and urgent problems still exist such as repeated falsification of data by polluters and recurrent interference from local authorities.

In Himalayan travel hub, women battle against tourism pollution

More than 277,000 tourists visited Leh last year alone — twice the number of residents in the region. The result: vehicles clogging narrow roads, and much more pollution, particularly sewage and plastic bags. The steady environmental deterioration over the years spurred more than 4,000 volunteers in the Women’s Alliance of Ladakh to take measures to tackle plastic waste.

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