Aug. 15, 2022

English Stories from the Chinese Press August 24th - August 31st


Lake chiefs improving district waterways

Lake chiefs fulfill their duties through water space control and shoreline management and protection, water resources protection and water pollution control, comprehensive improvement of water environment, ecological control and rehabilitation, law enforcement and supervision.


Chinese vice premier stresses efforts to fight for cleaner air

Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng on Wednesday stressed efforts to improve air quality and win the battle for blue skies. He urged efforts to speed up industrial structure transformation to deal with the root cause of air pollution and said encouraged more work to be done to steadily encourage the use of clean energy for winter-heating in north China.

Shenzhen plans to have 33 metro lines by 2035

The city now has eight metro lines in operation with a total length of around 286 km. Several more lines with a length of 273 km are under construction. Like Shenzhen, most major cities across China have ambitious plans for metro line construction as they seek to use an expanded metro system to ease traffic congestion and reduce car use to aid the fight against air pollution.


New airport opens in Qilian Mountains

The Qilian Mountains is a significant shelter zone helping to maintain the ecological balance in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, blocking the invasion of the northern desert. It boasts rich ecological and tourist resources. The airport construction followed strict environmental protection standards. For example, netting made of special materials was used to prevent slopes from water and soil erosion.

Belt and Road Initiative no Marshall Plan, Chinese FM says

China would like to focus on improving the livelihoods of local people, enabling every Mongolian to enjoy tangible benefits from the Belt and Road construction. China would also focus more on environmental and ecological protection and together with Mongolia build a green Silk Road, ensuring the protection and development of Mongolia's green mountains and rivers.


Chinese researchers make 'raincoat' for electromagnetic shield

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a material with effective electromagnetic interference shielding and a self-cleaning surface using chemical composites. It works as a "raincoat" that protects EMI shields from corrosion caused by acid rain or polluted water and will help reduce the harm caused by EMI.

Hello, I'm your friendly talking trash can!

Apart from reminding people to sort their garbage, the bin also sprays pleasant-smelling disinfectant every time the lid is opened. The top of the bin hides solar panels that provide the power for the unit. The talking bins are just the first step in raising public awareness of garbage sorting. Already more than 90 residential communities in Nanxiang are participating in garbage sorting and recycling.

NPC Draft Civil Code Sections Under Review

The draft law on soil pollution prevention and control was submitted to the session for the third reading and called for national standards for soil pollution risk control and a nationwide soil condition census to be conducted at least once every ten years. A network of monitoring stations are required to be established nationwide with data and other information collected shared among environmental, agricultural, natural resources, and other authorities.

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