Mar. 23, 2023

English Stories from the Chinese Press October 3rd-11th

Water & Air

Buckle up for first stage of greenbelt

The Taopu Central Greenbelt, which will cover 500,000 square meters upon completion in 2020, is being built on the site of a number of China’s earliest industrial plants. The government has been relocating factories, recovering lands and conducting an “ecological remediation” of the soil that has been contaminated by the factories.

Tianjin sees PM2.5 plummet over 9-month period

North China's Tianjin Municipality saw PM2.5 levels plummet during the past three quarters thanks to effective pollution control, local authorities said Wednesday. The improvement was a result of a series of well-targeted measures, such as promoting clean energy heating, monitoring emissions from factories and the demolition of coal-fired boilers.

Solid waste

Sorting your rubbish before putting it out

Shanghai's public sanitation authorities recently travelled to the Jianggan District of Hangzhou to inspect a new smart monitoring system installed on garbage trucks to manage trash sorting and transportation. Everywhere in the Yangtze River Delta, programs to sort garbage and improve collection services and waste disposal are underway.


Xi Demands Efforts to Improve Disaster Prevention, Build Sichuan-Tibet Railway

A series of major projects will be advanced, including ecological restoration of forest, grassland and rivers, coastal protection such as building ecological seawalls, flood control and drought relief, relocation of residents in disaster-hit places, and construction of emergency centers.

President Xi Jinping's Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa CooperationEdited Excerpt

China will undertake 50 aid projects on green development. Part of this development is to offer ecological and environmental protection, with a focus on climate change, ocean, desertification prevention and control, and wildlife protection.

Chengdu to build a livable 'Garden City'

Chengdu is creating an independent non-motorized transport system to connect with parks, tourist spots and other public cultural and leisure facilities. The government has planted a 50-meter-wide shelter belt along each side of the No. 2 Ring Road, and made it law that the 500-meter extended area along Raocheng Expressway and related wedge-shaped areas were a “round-the-city ecological preservation zone,” including rivers, lakes, forests, farmland or greenbelts.


China Calls for Eurasian Cooperation to Seek Common Development, Prosperity

Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) Padma Choling urged Asian and European countries to develop advantages of green development, promote environmental protection and sustainable development, and enhance mutual learning among different civilizations to shape an open and inclusive human environment.

Selling Hangzhou to China and the world

Hangzhou’s natural and cultural resources will be showcased in a major expo opening next week to promote the city’s image and boost its lucrative MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) industry. There will be five professional exhibitions involving the fashion, culture, medicine, environmental and education industries.


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