Jan. 27, 2023

English Stories from the Chinese Press November 1st - 8th


G60 High-Tech Corridor opens new chapter for Yangtze Delta            

Songjiang is making efforts to treat waterways in the district. Following the nationwide river chief scheme, Songjiang has appointed Party Secretary Cheng Xiangmin and Director Chen Yujian as chiefs of the two major waterways in the district. By the end of this year, all 26 waterways in the district will finish data compiling which includes specific information of rivers and creeks in the district and the major sources of pollution. Treatment will be customized for each waterway.



Van maker catches the eye with natural gas technology

IVECO introduced its natural gas technology with its Daily Blue Power range of vehicles which won the "International Van of the Year 2018" award, and highlighted their environmental and financial advantages. In July, China's State Council of China issued its "Three-Year Action Plan for Winning the Battle to Defend the Blue Sky," which set specific targets and actions for the prevention and control of pollution, with the aim of continuously improving air quality.

Improvement in 'speed, safety, comfort, intelligence' of mobility


To solve increasingly environmental problems, Chinese Premiere Li Keqiang announced the “defending blue skies” policy to speed up air pollution controls. At the same time, the Chinese government is supporting the development of new energy vehicles. Continental is investing heavily in new technologies to meet the increasingly strict China's National VI emission standard A and B for light-duty vehicles, providing flexible electrification solutions to make the air cleaner.


5-year blueprint to turn bay area into an innovation hub

The development of the city will not be at the cost of environmental protection. The “Great Garden” strategy, along with the Great Bay Area, will be based on ecology and environmental protection, taking the preservation of natural scenery and reducing air pollution into serious consideration.

Icebreaker sets off on Antarctic expedition


The ice breaker Xuelong will depart Shanghai today for China's 35th Antarctic expedition. The team of 351 will construct a fifth Antarctic research station on an island in the Ross Sea and complete the second stage of Taishan station. The research vessel is expected to return mid April next year after travelling 37,000 nautical miles. The research team will build the nation's observation network in the Antarctic, research marine environmental protection, and improve the environment around the stations.


Shanghai is ready for CIIE

The National Comprehensive Trade and Investment Exhibition, abbreviated as the National Exhibition, has an area of about 30,000 square meters. In addition to China, there are 81 participating countries and international organizations such as the World Trade Organization, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the International Trade Center. Of note, the pavilions of different countries have distinct features, and all materials used in building the booths and pavilions are module-based and environmental friendly ones that can be recycled.

Big garbage, big headache in city's recycling efforts

“Making the public realize the value and purpose of garbage sorting will encourage their participation in waste classification,” said Xu Zhiping, director of the environmental sanitation department of the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau. Proper garbage sorting also raises the value of waste, he added.

City projects listed as green construction models


Green construction, which refers to environmental friendly and low energy consumption construction and materials, has become a key requirement in China’s construction industry, according to the association. A number of demonstration projects have been completed nationwide, featuring green construction, design, techniques, equipment, materials, technology and maintenance.



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