Mar. 23, 2023

Initial Study of Heavy Metal Pollution by IT Brand Supply Chain

2010 Study of Heavy Metal Pollution by IT Brand Supply Chain

The IT Industry Has a Critical Duty to Prevent Heavy Metal Pollution

Friends of Nature, Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, Green Beagle

April 24, 2010

Project Background: Heavy Metal Pollution Severely Threatens Eco-Environment and Public Health

In 2009, a number of heavy metal pollution incidents, which occurred in Liuyang and Wugang of Hunan, Fengxiang of Shaanxi, Shanghang of Fujian, Jiyuan of Jiangsu, Yancheng of Jiangsu, and Qingyuan of Guangdong, shocked the country. According to the statistics of the Environmental Protection Ministry, in 2009, in the 12 cases of heavy metal pollution the Ministry received, blood level of lead in 4,035 people and the blood level of cadmium in 182 people were excessive, which led to 32 mass incidents.

In view that IT product manufacturing is a source of heavy metal pollution, Friends of Nature, the Institute for Public and Environmental Affairs and Green Beagle decided to start an investigative study of this industry to promote this fast-growing industry towards enhancing heavy metal discharge control measures.

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