Mar. 23, 2023

2010 Study of Heavy Metal Pollution (II)

2010 Study of Heavy Metal Pollution by IT Brand Supply Chain (Phase II) 


        By May 26th, the number of IT brand companies that responded to NGO''''s questions grew from 8 to 21 brands. A 2nd round of communications was made with the 21 brands based on their initial responses. Through analysis, we can see that the reactions by different IT brands have further diversified. Of the companies that gave positive replies, a few leading companies have started to take action. 8 European, American, Japanese, Korean and Chinese mainland companies did not respond. We believe that through making green choices, the public has the influence to change these enterprises. To those businesses that have refused to respond, we advocate that consumers of their products to express their expectations and require that they strengthen their supply chain management and control the production processes that generate heavy metal discharge.

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