Mar. 23, 2023

2010 Study of Heavy Metal Pollution (III)

2010 Study of Heavy Metal Pollution by IT Brand Supply Chain (Phase II)

Since mid-April 2010 Friends of Nature, The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs and Green Beagle were amongst a coalition of 34 environmental protection NGOs who successively released two earlier phases of this investigative report concerning the problem of heavy metal pollution by the I.T. industry. From June 5th 2010, the attention by various stakeholders including the consumers finally urged the remaining eight previously non-responding brands to break their silence. At this point, all of the 29 brands involved in the 'Heavy Metals Investigative Study' are considered to have responded in some form. Please find attached the Phase III Report that documents the communications between the 29 brands and the NGO Coalition. The Report presented the fact sheet for the level of progress and the gaps of each brand. It also categorize the feedback by 29 brands into three types: positive, negative and neutral. The environmental NGO Coalition will continue to encourage consumers to take ‘Green Choice Consumer Action’ in order to push companies who have in-active behavior to improve.
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