Feb. 21, 2024

Decade River Project 2010 Started


Green Earth Volunteers
Daniel Ye and James
    On November 24th 2010, Green Earth Volunteers started off for Decade River Project that was initiated in 2006. This year, we will go for six great rivers in southwestern China. What’s different between former years and now is that we will start from Nu River to Lan Sang River, Jinsha River, Yalong River, Dadu River and Min River. The key purpose of the Decade River Project 2010 is to 1) study the natural disaster by analyzing the drought in southwestern China, 2) observe the relationship between geological disasters and human behaviors along Min River in recent years.
  We have a group of experienced experts in our team this year, including sociologists, geologists, water ecologists and professors from universities. More professional journalists join us this year than before. And the participation of Fenghuang website (www.ifeng.com) makes an active cooperation between our team and the reporting teams at home as well.
Welcome to view our subsequent series reports.

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