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Location for a Garbage Incinerator in Panyu District of Guangzhou to be Announced Today

April 12, 2011

Source: Yangcheng Evening Post

After more than a year, the controversial garbage incineration project in Panyu District of Guangzhou has now regained public attention. District authorities told journalists yesterday that a tentative location for the garbage incineration power plant would be announced.

With the Panyu garbage incinerator project on the agenda for a second time, site selection for the incinerator has once again become the top concern of public discussion. District authorities including planning and city management departments remain extremely cautious about the issue and will not reveal any information about site selection, which has in turn brought about much speculation by the local media.

The journalists learned that the location of the site is not decided by the Panyu District but rather handled by a qualified research institute commissioned by the district government. Possible locations are first evaluated for their suitability, then announced to the public and finally submitted to relevant departments such as the Municipal Management Commission and Planning Bureau of Guangzhou. After several evaluation procedures, the final location is decided by the

Guangzhou municipal government.

On March 7, an urban management conference was held in Guangzhou, where Mayor Wan Qingliang demanded accelerated construction of comprehensive garbage disposal facilities, including power plants in Panyu, Nansha and Likeng as well as the landfill in Xingfeng. The garbage incineration power plant in Panyu was expected to be finished in 2014.  on March 23, The Municipal Management Commission of Guangzhou revealed that the construction process for a garbage incineration power plant, from the start of construction to pilot operation, takes at least 18 months. Since extra time is required for preliminary procedures such as environmental evaluation, it follows that the location will have to be decided before 2012 in order to meet the deadline for the project. The commission also noted that site selection had already entered the “one-out-of-five” stage. The Dashihuijiang Village remains one of the prospective locations while the remaining four sites have not yet been unveiled. Today, the secret will be revealed.

The enforcement of garbage classification regulation began on April 1. More than ten days have passed but the effect has not been obvious.



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