Dec. 02, 2023
China Green Volunteers Visit UNEP Headquarters in Nairobi

News of the Month                     UNEP IN CHINA

A group of China Green Volunteers representatives visited UNEP headquarters in Nairobi. This trip was to share their experience in environmental protection in China and learn from UNEP’s vision and practices.
Among the representatives, two senior representatives stood out: Mr.Tang Xiyang, 81 years old, one of the very first Chinese environmentalists, who was awarded the 2007 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Peace and International Understanding, and Ms. Xu Fengxiang, 80 years old, a forest and plateau ecologist, founder and first director of the Plateau Ecology Institute of Tibet and director of the Beijing Lingshan Ecology Institute.
During the discussions, Ms. Xu pointed that the concept of sustainable development aligns with ancient Chinese Taoism and in the modern development it was also necessary to refer back to the old wisdom.