Feb. 21, 2024
China Environment Brief Writers


Angela Merriam, M.A. Public Policy
(June 2011 - present)

Angela has been living in China for over two years learning about Chinese language, environmentalism, civil society, and tea culture.


Lindsay Butt

(August 2011 - present)

Lindsay lives in Chengdu, where she studies Chinese at Sichuan University. She is also a pursuing a master's degree in China Studies at the University of Washington. Her main interests are culture, literature, and ecology.


Paul Joscha Kohlenberg, LL.M. (Warwick)

(August 2011 - present)
Paul lives in Beijing, where he is completing a traineeship with the delegation of the European Union. He grew up in Germany and is interested in legal/judicial activism, environmentalism and China’s relations with the global south.


 Liz Brody

(August 2010 - present)