Feb. 21, 2024
For The Golden MonkeyThe Existence Partners of Human Beings

      By  Wang Yongli

         I am a golden girl with elegant manner,
             With rosy cheeks and golden curls,
             And sparkling eyes and teeth like pearls,
         They call me the most charming beauty in the forest corner.
         My round face is always with a radiant smile,
             From the sun rises, I climb up the green hill to play,
             After the sun sets, I run after sisters to spare the happy day,
         Facing the twilight I sing many lovely songs in the while.
         My sky is blue, my valley has many transparent streams,
              Sometime I will take the tiny rain shower or dew,
              Sometime I will have a suntan bath but a few,
         Bejeweled stars are always winkling in my sweet dreams.

         But oh, mummy, my heart is trembling,
              The human activities make me suffer from pollution,
              Shrinking my fields and making me difficult to aspiration,
         Oh, mummy, my fate becomes gloomy and grumbling.

         If one day I am dead, please don’t neglect,
             No white flowers but red roses over my head,
             No tombstone but sing no sad songs instead,
        Please remember me, if you may not forget…