Feb. 21, 2024
For HedgehogsThe Existence Partners of Human Beings

   By  Wang Yongli

         I am a diligent gardener, I am the best,
Without payment, I like the job,
Patrolling on all night, catching the mob
         I kill ants, snails, rat, snakes and other pest.
         With a spiny armor, I am one of the warriors,
             Although I am not strong but small,
             I am brave to fight against the vicious animal,
         My needles skin scares the fierce predators.

I love the fresh air and starry night,
    A gentle breeze stirs the rose petals,
    Heavy scent spreading from the sepals,
I love the full Moon flooding with milk hue light.

But the world-class endangered species is me,
             For the agricultural chemical,
             For the Mankind’s abnormal,
         Redemption may not be too late, you see...