Mar. 23, 2023
For The Musk Deer - The Existence Partners of Human Beings

By  Wang Yongli

         My stomach send forth a delicate fragrance,
         All butterfly begin to dance around me,
         The breeze wafts the scent to a distance,
         All bees start to sing with glee.
         Oh, whistling, fluttering, the awaken birds,
         The forest wave cheering with one accord,
         Even the gurgling spring joins the chorus,
         The jumping fish make the sparkling lake crowd.
Drunk the mountain, drunk the valley,
         I am the most scent and rarest species on the earth,
         But some human beings become greedy,
         Capturing and smuggling my musk to make wealth.
         I am on the edge of extinction,
         It is hard to see my figure in the wild,
         Once you only can see my specimen in some exhibition,
         It is the greatest sorrow of the world.