Mar. 23, 2023
For SquirrelsThe Existence Partners of Human Beings

By  Wang Yongli

         Happy the squirrels whose wish and care,
         The vast forest with the harvest sound,
         Content to breathe the fresh native air,
         Collect and store the nuts in own ground.
         Bury the tree weeds in the fertile soil,
         Wipe out insect pests with diligence,
         As an alert ranger patrols with a big furry tail,
         Clean the forest and keep it in magnificence.
         Sound sleep by night, safe and ease,
         Never worry the food for plenty in store,
         Hold a party by day, and together mixed with please,
         Singing, chattering and jumping up and down, aft and fore.

         Hailing for the chilly winter’s gone, and the warm spring’s come,
         Thousands and hundreds saplings break through the ground,
         The tree weeds become new lives under the squirrels’ love,
         New babies, new woods make the forest energetic and luxuriant.

         But since men collect all the nuts away to sell,
         Many birds badly suffer from starvation,
         The forest lost energy for no new weeds fill,
         The poor squirrels are dying from malnutrition…