Mar. 23, 2023
For Wild Swans The Existence Partners of Human Beings

                By  Wang Yongli

         Oh, swans, the genuine gifts for human being,
         Like the rainbow give us fantastic delighting,
         Like goddesses who rise from the waves in grace,
         Like fairies who stand up in splendor and elegance.
         Poising like the dropping snow in subtle fine,
         Flying like the floating clouds varying in V line.
         Singing like the sound of flute profound,
         Dancing like the phoenixes tipping the ground.
         But some men become greedy for treasure,
         With nets and guns, trace you to capture,
         Woe, I heard your cry, a sad cry,
         Anguish overwhelming the deep blue sky.

         As flowers weighed down by dew,
         Your death led to a mighty uproar and vow,
         At once to protect all rare animals,
         Friendly co-existence should become normal.

         Oh, swans, my dear swans…