May 21, 2022
English Stories from the Chinese Press: February 15, 2011

Air Quality
Urumqi to invest heavily to cut air pollution (Xinhua)
Breathe easier (Beijing Review)
Beijing parks government cars to improve air quality (China Economic Net)
Beijing vows to slash PM2.5 pollution (China Economic Net)
Conservation and Natural Resources
China to start equity trading of wild ginseng (Xinhua)
Vice Premier calls for efforts to promote resource conservation (Xinhua)
Prospecting in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau takes top award (Xinhua)
China to promote shale gas exploration (Xinhua)
Bears in pain for bile (Global Times)
Anger over bear bile company's fundraising bid (Shanghai Daily)
Villager charged over 1995 panda poaching (Shanghai Daily)
Chemical and Radioactive Pollution
Farmers storm chemical plant for polluting crops (Shanghai Daily)
Province mulls law on radioactive pollution control (China Economic Net)
Rapid growth triggers environmental accidents (China Economic Net)
Development and Land Use
Not so paradise islands (Beijing Review)
Green Technology
China's wind power capacity hits 62.7 gigawatts in 2011 (Xinhua)
Wetland tourism becomes bright spot in Tibet (Xinhua)
Water Pollution
Poisoned development (Global Times)
Lasting scars on Longjiang river (Caixin)
Stuck in the mud (Global Times)
Blogger detained for spreading water pollution rumor (Shanghai Daily)
Korean ship detained for Yangtze chemical spill (Shanghai Daily)
China to invest $873m in rural clean-up (China Economic Net)
Water Shortages
Lingering drought cripples Yunnan province (Xinhua)
Small reservoirs to be reinforced by 2015 (China Economic Net)


Compiled by Lindsay Butt