Mar. 23, 2023
For The Kangaroo The Existence Partners of Human Beings

                By  Wang Yongli


         Press forward, and forward,

             You are swift as an arrow,

             Only forward, never withdraw,

         With a firm mind, never coward.


         With strong hind legs, powerful and profound,

             Jump up any mountain, conquer tough,

             Jump across any river, challenge rough,

         You are a genius treasure of the ground.


         With a pouch, full of love,

             Carry a baby with infatuation,

             Meticulously with affection,

         A great motherhood lets us move.


         Free and unrestrained, rove on day and night,

             Love the vast land with red earth,

             Love the tender grass just birth,

         Love the rock Uluru, like flame under sunlight.


         Oh, you are always with the hope of green,

             You are the symbol of Freedom,

             You are the Liberty of the kingdom,

         You should be crowned with the sunny sheen…