Dec. 04, 2023
One billion RMB for Bohai oil spill compensation: many monks and little porridge

The one billion RMB compensation payment for the Bohai oil spill last summer has allowed ConocoPhillips to circumvent financial responsibility, a Caixin article argues. The legal case seems to have suddenly stagnated but the compensation payment will not cover all losses. Division of the pittance will be very difficult, like a situation of "many monks and little porridge" (僧多粥少).

The suit filed by 29 affected fishermen and accepted by the courts at the end of last year seems to have stagnated. Other similar cases have not been accepted. And the public is unwilling to forget only nine months ago when the government ensured that there would be no-holds barred in terms of seeking compensation from the US company deemed responsible (ConocoPhillips). The issue at the core of the article is the disappointment of environmental lawyers who believe this large-scale pollution incident has not garnered the attention deserved and expected, which indicates little willingness from authorities to improve on old ways.

[Source: Caixin; Background in Global Times]


Translated and summarized by Angela Merriam