Dec. 02, 2023
English Stories from the Chinese Press: March 27, 2012

Air Quality
Zhejiang releases PM2.5 data for 7 cities (Xinhua)
His black lungs and a white heart (China Daily)
US carbon tech firms flock to China for coal projects (Shanghai Daily)
China exports processed waste oil to Netherlands (Xinhua)
Climate Change
A Warmer, But Greener Future (Beijing Review)
Drought and Water Conservation
Beijing to limit water use by golf courses, ski resorts (Xinhua)
Water shortages, deterioration restrain China's development: official (Xinhua)
Water use rules toughened up (Global Times)
Massive Chinese Water Diversion Project Accelerates (Beijing Review)
Green Energy and Technology
China Voice: U.S. gives sensible ruling on China's solar imports (Xinhua)
Time for solar firms to tap new markets (China Daily)
Coal-rich city eyes green economy (China Daily)
Crunch Time for China's Eco-cities (Caixin)
Industrial Pollution
State sounds battle cry against pollution (China Daily)
Mining and Rare Earth Minerals
The battle over rare earth metals (Xinhua)
No need to lock horns over rare earths (China Daily)
Rare Earth Resolution (Beijing Review)
Water Quality and Monitoring
Cities to receive river deadlines (Xinhua)
Weekend walk points out pollution (China Daily)
Blue Tech Revolution (Beijing Review)
As Number of Sewage Plants Soars, Nation's Sludge Problem Mounts (Caixin)
More Pudong residents to get better water (Shanghai Daily)
Wildlife and Biodiversity
Panda census begins in NW China province (Xinhua)
Fewer birds spending winter in central China wetlands (Xinhua)
China to start annual fishing ban on Yangtze River (Xinhua)

Compiled by Lindsay Butt