Feb. 21, 2024
Environmental protection industry to reach 3 trillion RMB by 2015

A China Merchants Securities report shows that the value of the environmental protection and energy saving industry will reach 3 trillion RMB (472 billion USD) by 2015. The party's "12th 5-year plan" increased funding for emissions reduction and energy-saving projects. This boost from the government gives energy conservation related companies a "better path for development" according to a brokerage analyst.

The report concluded that China's environmental protection industry is entering a period of rapid development. Until the end of 2009, the energy saving and environmental protection industry in China was worth about 1.71 trillion RMB. By 2015 that number will be 3 trillion RMB, about 8% of the GDP.
[Source: Green Sohu]

Summary by Lindsay Butt