Feb. 21, 2024
China to charge car emission fees
The Chinese government is preparing to charge emission fees on cars and is currently discussing this policy, said Li Zuojun, deputy director of Resources and Environment Institute under the Development Research Center of the State Council. The new policy will first be implemented in top-tier citiesincluding Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhenand then gradually expanded throughout the country. Insiders said that the new regulations on car emission fees will probably resemble the Car and Vessel Tax and thereofore levy different amounts of tax in accordance with emission volume.

Charging emission fees has great significances for energy conservation, emission reduction and the promotion of new energy vehicles. Meanwhile, it helps to alleviate the problem of exhaust gas pollution. However, how to levy these fees remains a focus of attention. Taking a sweeping approach based on emission volume might result in unfairness. For example, compared with a conventional car, a hybrid vehicle which has the same emission volume obviously causes less air pollution. In addition, the frequency of driving varies from person to person, which suggests that flexible standards might work better.

Compiled by Lindsay Butt and Tong Jun