Jan. 24, 2019
English Stories from the Chinese Press March 2nd - March 8th

 English Stories from the Chinese Press March 2nd - March 8th


Air Pollution

Environmental stocks surge after smog documentary. Shares in environmental protection-related companies in China surged on Monday, after a smog documentary produced by a former celebrity TV hostess became a hot topic over the weekend. Beijing Global Times, China. 3 March 2015.


Food, Water, and Soil

Flats near Hong Kong container terminal carry air pollution health risk. Harbour views are in great demand when it comes to property listings. But for residents of Kwai Chung's Kwai Shing West Estate, a stone's throw from the Kwai Tsing container terminal, the last few decades seem more of a health curse than a real-estate blessing. South China Morning Post, China. 2 March 2015.


International Affairs

African ministers gather in Egypt to tackle climate change. African ministers and experts of over 50 states gathered in Cairo Wednesday to discuss the environmental challenges facing the continent topped by climate change. Xinhua News Agency, China. 5 March 2015.

Kenyan fishermen embrace ponds as fish dwindles in lake. As fish stock dwindles in Lake Victoria due to over fishing, climate change and pollution, fishermen have deserted the lake and switched to an alternative source of fish and livelihood - the fishpond. Xinhua News Agency, China. 2 March 2015.