Dec. 04, 2023
English Stories from the Chinese Press October 12th - 19th


Exhibition on dual-use technology to be held

An exhibition of cutting edge, dual use civilian military technology will be held in the city from October 22 to 24. Projects include survey boats equipped with the Beidou system to detect and examine water pollution, and an unmanned submarine which can carry out deep sea exploration for resources.

Concerted work leads to cleaner city rivers

Four polluted city rivers have been cleaned up after the river chiefs received warnings from central and city governments last month. They subsequently set up aeration machines and water plants along the rivers and began reconstructing the pipelines in 51 old residential communities. Nets have been set at rainwater outlets to block garbage and other waste entering the river.


American, Chinese scientists identify new chemical pathway of air pollution in China

New research showed that a key to reducing regular wintertime air pollution in the country was to reduce the formaldehyde emissions. "We show that policies aimed at reducing formaldehyde emissions may be much more effective at reducing extreme wintertime haze than policies aimed at reducing only sulfur dioxide," said Jonathan M. Moch, the first author of the paper.


China to lead the world in vehicle electrification: Valeo

French auto parts maker Valeo said that around 4 million vehicles will be equipped with 48-volt systems in China by 2023, accounting for 13 percent of total vehicle production. The system is a mild hybrid technology that combines a conventional internal combustion engine with a 48-volt electric motor. The system allows a car’s electrical system to engage more with the functioning of the vehicle, thus promising higher fuel-saving capabilities.

China to further expand two-way opening-up with France, premier says

France hopes to further enhance mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation in the areas of nuclear energy and agriculture. According to President Macron, France supports multilateralism and would like to strengthen coordination and communication with China on issues such as the reform of the World Trade Organization and climate change.

Chinese vice premier stresses clean energy use for winter heating

To clear up the air, China has been encouraging the use of natural gas and electricity instead of coal for winter heating. Authorities must make sure of the source of natural gas before taking down old heating facilities, vice premier Han said, adding that efforts should be made to increase the natural gas supply.

Electric buses to provide shuttle service

A fleet of 440 new electric powered buses will provide shuttle services from the National Exhibition and Convention Center of the Shanghai Expo to other transport hubs around the city. They are completely electrically powered, with a fully charged battery supplying enough energy for 300 kilometers. After the expo, the 440 buses will be allocated to different bus routes across the city.


Worming way to unclogging waste wetlands

Artificial wetlands are a low cost and technologically simple way to treat sewage. However, poor design and management can lead to clogging, which results in pollution. Research by the Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences, showed that a particular species of earthworm can effectively reduce clogging matter and effectively dredge the wetlands.