Dec. 04, 2023
English Stories from the Chinese Press November 24th - December 3rd


Cases to guide environmental courts

China’s Supreme People’s Court has provided details of 10 typical cases of environmental pollution offenses in the development of the Yangtze River economic belt, a move it said would provide guidance to courts. Over the last several years, courts along the Yangtze River economic belt have provided solid support for high-quality development in the region by adopting stringent standards when hearing such cases.

Dense fog in east, north China forces highways closure

Heavy fog hit many parts of east and north China on Monday, forcing a total of eight highways in Beijing to close Monday morning due to low visibility caused by heavy fog and smog, according to the Beijing traffic control department. At around 9am, the density of air pollution indicators PM2.5 and PM10 stayed at 225 micrograms per cubic meter and 129 micrograms per cubic meter respectively.

Air polluters to pay through the nose for emission discharge

Adjustments have been made in Shanghai’s air pollution regulations, including much higher fines for polluters. The adjustments were ordered by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee. All cities and provinces are to draft or revise regulations before the end of the year. The city can restrict heavy-polluting off-road machinery according to the air condition and owners of such machinery must register it with the environmental department.


Xi meets leaders of Pacific island nations to further BRI cooperation

China will support as always Vanuatu's national construction and sustainable development, encourage more capable enterprises to invest in Vanuatu, as well as promote cooperation in various BRI fields. China is ready to strengthen cooperation with Niue in the fields of climate change, South-South cooperation, maritime affairs, environmental protection, and promote green, low-carbon and sustainable development.




Suzhou calls in the experts to advise on the Grand Canal Cultural Belt

Suzhou will strengthen environmental monitoring and industrial pollution control along the canal with a focus on domestic pollution, pollution caused by the overuse of fertilizers and pesticides and pollution from canal traffic. The city will also carry out environmental rehabilitation along the canal, demolish illegal buildings and get rid of illegal plantations. A man-made forest and wetlands alongside will protect the ecology of the Suzhou section.


Vroom, vroom! Watch out! The police have you in their sights

Shanghai is cracking down on vehicle noise pollution, which can cause hearing damage above 85 decibels. From Sunday, noise limits on vehicles will come into effect for the first time in the city. Under the new regulations, motorcycles noisier than 80 decibels are banned from the roads between 9pm and 7am every day. The new rules were introduced by the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau.

Customs winning war on waste imports

Apart from domestic cleanup campaign Blue Sky 2018, this year China joined Operation Demeter IV — a global Customs initiative to control cross-border shipment of waste — and is working with 15 international and regional organizations as well as 75 countries and regions in the fight against solid waste. Between May 21 and July 23, 214 cases were reported and 37 warnings issued, with 326,000 tons of waste impounded.

'City Brain' turns online in northwest downtown

Citywide, about 500,000 sensors will installed by the end of 2018 to assist management of transport, health care, food safety, environmental protection and public facilities.