May 31, 2023
China Green News Proofreaders


Angela Merriam, CGN MKT Managing Editor and Proofreader

(in Beijing)

Karen Marshall, Master Proofreader

(in Australia)



Ryan Yu (in the US)
Allegra Fonda-Bonardi (in the US)
Alison Flamm (in China)
Mary O'Loughlin (in the US)
Lucy Chen ( in China )

 Rebecca Valli (in Beijing)

Jill Marshall (in Japan)
Vincent Pellecchia (in the US)
Judy Chiang (in the US)
Pierre Thompson  (in the US)
Ryan Kilpatrick (in Hong Kong)
Annie Geratowski (in the US)
Britt Crow-Miller (in the US) 


Megan Ko ( in Hong Kong )

Alex Boyle (in the US)

Audrey Le Belenger (In Sichuan, China)

Andrew Christie (in the US)

Jane Chipman  (in the US)

Kirsten Allen, In Chengdu, China

Cristina Airado (In Beijing)