Dec. 04, 2023
Keep China Green News Running

Keep China Green News Running,

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All of us at China Green News have been thrilled to see people worldwide turning to the China Environment Brief for up-to-date information on China’s environment. We are deeply grateful.  Many of you are calling for more, and more extensive, translations of key reports. As we enter our second year of operation, CGN plans to supplement the Brief and other translations with in-depth reports from environmental experts around China.
We started small to confirm interest and to build a cadre of volunteer translators and editors. We are happy with our progress, and with your active support we can do more. There is more to share. Every business day, our mother organization Green Earth Volunteers provides nearly one thousand influential Chinese activists a digest of up to 20 breaking stories from the Chinese-language press. CGN draws from these important reports, but our ability to translate and present items is limited by our small staff and budget. 
Help us! By contributing your time or money we can survive and expand. If you find the Brief and our website valuable, please consider making a donation to Green Earth Volunteers and keep us running! Please e-mail Wang Yongchen at, or Chen Hong at Thank you for your support!
You can read more about the history and mission of Green Earth Volunteers, one of China’s first indigenous environmental NGO’s, by visiting our website at: