Feb. 21, 2024
China Green News Proofreaders




Angela Merriam, CGN Editor in Beijing
Angela grew up Toronto, Canada and holds a M.A. in Public Policy/International Development and a B.S. in Economics. She has been living in China for two years learning about Chinese language, environmentalism, civil society, and tea culture.


Madelyn Finucane, CGN intern in Beijing
Maddy is a 2011 Harvard grad, whose degree in American History led logically to jobs at a Beijing kindergarten and at GEV. In 2006-2007, she spent a gap year teaching English and studying Chinese in Shandong. 


Karen Marshall, Master Proofreader in Australia
Karen is an environmental management professional with over 20 years of industry experience.  She recently spent three years living in China where she volunteered with a variety of corporate social responsibility organisations including China Green News.

Vincent Pellecchia, in the US
Vincent is general counsel for the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, an organization focused on advocating for sustainable land use and transportation planning in the New York metropolitan area.


Annie Geratowski, in the US
Annie is an environmental planning consultant in San Francisco, CA. She spent the Summer of 2010 in Beijing working on a climate change project and volunteering with China Green News.  



Britt Crow-Miller, in the US
Britt is currently completing her PhD in geography at UCLA, focusing on water politics in North China. She also holds an M.A. in East Asian Regional Studies from Harvard University.


Kirsten Allen, in Chengdu, China
Kirsten is an independent writer, editor, photographer and publication designer who has been based in Chengdu, Sichuan since 2003.


Laurens Bistervels, in Kunming, China
After growing up in the Netherlands, Laurens earned a Master's degree in Anthropology in Hong Kong, graduating in 2010. He then moved to Kunming, Yunnan to study Mandarin Chinese, teach English at Yunnan University and intern at the charity organization Operation Smile.


Becky Tisherman, in Beijing
Becky majors in Environmental Science and Chinese at Connecticut College. She has been studying Chinese for six years and is now studying at Capital Normal University for the Fall 2011 semester.


Lauren Bryant, in Beijing
Lauren is a Writing major and Sustainability minor at Johns Hopkins University. She hails from Northern California and has been studying Chinese for two years. She is currently enjoying studying at Capitol Normal University for a semester abroad.


Ryan Yu, in the US


Larry Adamson, in Beijing