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  Founded in 1996, Green Earth Volunteers is one of China’s oldest environmental NGOs. It was set up as a vehicle for public participation, and has focused on three main activities: Eco River Tour/China Tour--educational trips to raise environmental consciousness; Green Journalist Salon--building a network of environmental activists among the ranks of China’s journalists, and disseminating the environment info via the Internet. Address: Bailing Temple, Xilou Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100007, China. Tel: +8610-84039930.
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    Protecting Rivers

    The planet is currently facing a severe water crisis – water shortage and contamination threaten our very existence. In close collaboration with the news media, GEV has organized several projects to promote public awareness, participation and supervision of the issues facing China’s rivers.

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    Promoting Journalism

    Founded by a group of media professionals and environmental scientists who still constitute the organization’s core membership, GEV prioritizes its symbiotic relationship with the news media. We also aim to promote environmental journalism, in particular through our monthly Environmental Journalist Salon.

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    Activism and Public Participation

    GEV urges the public to play an active role in environmental protection. In particular, weekly River Watch Tours allow Beijing residents to personally examine the influence of hydrological and ecological changes on their lives.

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    Localized Philanthropy

    GEV staff have published and sold a series of books that reflect China’s current environmental reality. The proceeds from book sales were donated to build reading rooms and open film classes for 38 elementary schools in the Nu River area. GEV also provides aid for disaster relief, like a fund to pay the salaries of impoverished teachers in some areas after the earthquakes in Wenchuan and Yushu.

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    Raising Environmental Awareness

    Through the Jianghe Daily News email brief, through Local Green News briefs, and through the English language China Green News, GEV offers timely environmental news coverage to subscribers of our service. By providing news in this way, GEV aims to raise public awareness and provide information for governmental decision-making.

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